The Chrome password safety tool will now run automatically in the background

Google is confirming that the Chrome Safety Check feature will start working on its own while in background.

The Chrome password safety tool will now run automatically in the background

In a blog post published on Thursday (21 December) the tech giant stated the fact that you system would always be on alert for any needed password change, no matter if it is earlier than would be required, or if your data has been compromised.

Created to be more personal and proactive designed to be more personalized and proactive, Safety Check will prompt you in the event that you do not have the most recent version of Chrome or if any of the extensions could pose a threat. The warnings will be displayed within the three dots menu on the Chrome browser.

Another interesting and new feature that is coming out is the Saved tab group.

This feature allows multiple tabs to be grouped and archiving them in one location, for example for different items from online stores or perhaps you use multiple sources to accomplish work-related tasks. After being saved, the groups are then able to be utilized across other devices. Users will benefit from the feature "over the next few weeks".

More power for performance to come from Google Gemini

Google has previously announced Memory Saver, a performance tool that helps Chrome perform more efficiently. It also provides specifics of your browser's usage of memory. The saver mode gives options to store memory when tabs aren't active, but it may also provide preference to websites to remain active.

This latest update provided the indication that more is expected from Google Gemini which is its most sophisticated AI model. Gemini will be able to power additional performance tools to help users work more efficiently in a variety of formats to accomplish the task at hand.

Gemini comes in 3 dimensions: Ultra, Pro, and Nano to meet everything from the most complex network requirements to practical usage to put your phone in your pocket.

The introduction of Gemini for Chrome will be fascinating to observe how it will perform and how it will improve browsing as well as overall cross-platform computer use.